About Pokusa

foto w tle1Pokusa was founded in 2015  in Poland, we offer products are made on the basis of components not only ecologically clean, but also dedicated for the segment of food for humans. 

Our products are 100% organic. Packaged in pure form, freshly milled previously heat-treated appropriately selected for optimal preservation of nutrients. Concentrated natural sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in our supplements are easily absorbed by the body than their synthetic counterparts. Our products are used by top dog breeders and sport teams in Poland and Europe.
We are making natural, healthy and safe alternative to products based on  “chemical enhancers.” An alternative for people who love their animals like us.
Pokusa for health TEAM

Our products are made from HUMAN GRADE components, which are healthy, safe and featured best digestion index. Nutrition based on natural, organic and ecological products is better than syntetic products. In our product offer You can find lines:

RawDietLine – line dedicated for supplementation organic and BARF diets. It’s also reccomend for dogs and cats on commercial food with special nutrition requirements. Line inculdes raw, natural, products based on herbs, products of animal or vegetables origin.

Chondroline – line of organic supplements supporting the rehabilitation and regeneration of locomotor system. Product’s are reccomend for sport, active dogs who train kanine sports, for ypung, growing dogs, seniors over 7 year old. Lince includes products for dogs after locomorot injuries or operations and for dogs on small and big dogs.

PowerDog – supplements for sport and working dogs. Improves trainings, strenght, regeneration and musculature.

DiamondCoat – hightly effective supplements for dogs, which improves hair and skin condition, stops alergic reactions, help to stop shedding. A unique formula customised to the optimal stimulation of the hair matrix, stop oIt contains all the necessary exogenous components required to actively create keratin masses responsible for the daily growth of the hair shaft.

GreenLine – Probiotics for dogs and cats and organic, eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fun&Mniam – is line of tasty, natural and healthy treats for dogs.

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