RawDietLine Chondroitin

Locomotor system prevention.

An organic compound derived from shark cartilage, which supports joint tissue (synovial fluid) in order to maintain its proper strength (hydration and elasticity). It helps to maintain the joints flexibility, allowing an optimal cushioning and mobility during physical activity. Chondroitin works with other active substances such as glucosamine to support cartilage reconstruction and nutrition. The amount of chondroitin in the body decreases with age, therefore its supply in the diet is particularly important in animals over the age of 5. 


It is recommended to use in conjunction with RDL Glucosamine and RDL MSM. 

Recommended: for regeneration and prophylaxis of locomotor system with dogs over 5 yo, sport and working dogs, after injuries, dislocations, increases resistance to microtrauma. 

Composition: 100% Chondroitin sulphate

Dosage/ 24h
DOGS&CATS: 20mg/ 1kg b.w.

The enclosed scoop contains 1500mg of product. Serve mixed with food.