February 2018 – new in!

Find out new products in Pokusa offer.

chondroiRawDietLine Chondroitin
An organic compound derived from shark cartilage, which supports joint tissue (synovial fluid) in order to maintain its proper strength (hydration and elasticity). It helps to maintain the joints flexibility, allowing an optimal cushioning and mobility during physical activity. Chondroitin works with other active substances such as glucosamine to support cartilage reconstruction and nutrition. The amount of chondroitin in the body decreases with age, therefore its supply in the diet is particularly important in animals over the age of 5.

glukoRawDietLine Glucosamine
An organic compound obtained from mussel and prawn shells. It supports the recovery and reconstruction of articular cartilage and helps in curing inflammation and pain. The amount of glucosamine in the body decreases with age, therefore its supply in the diet is particularly important in animals over 5 years of age

kolagen-engRawDietLine Hydrolised Collagen
Top quality Swiss collagen extracted from ocean fish skins. The product is easily absorbed, its composition contains polyaminoacids, oligopeptides, collagen polypeptides and as many as 18 amino acids (including significant levels of proline and lysine, important for collagen biosynthesis). It is used in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the connective tissue, tendons and joints. It improves the appearance of the skin, hair and claws.