HorseLine Hoof’s Help

The optimal combination of ingredients for absolute hoof regeneration.

The formula is enriched with New Zealand mussel extract (a natural source of silicic acid) and biogenic sulfur, which is crucial for the strong hoof slats cohesion ,  allows to create extremely strong can structure. 

The 1000g package is enough for 60 days.

The high concentration of biotin, zinc and micronutrients in chelated form guarantees excellent bioavailability. The product is recommended in cases of exceptionally poor hoof condition (fragile, brittle, cracking, slowly growing) requiring rapid regeneration, improvement of growth rate, greater flexibility and hoof box strength. For the production of this preparation we used the highest quality premium grade materials certified: HG (Human Grade).

– slow hoof horn growth
– bad condition of the hoof cap (fragile, brittle, cracking)
– after suffering injuries and diseases

Biotin 2,200,000mcg
Chelat Zinc (Zn) 120.000mg
Chelat Cooper (Cu) 1.000mg
DL-methionine 150.000mg
Brewer’s Yeast + Betaglucans 20%
Fruit of the rose
Vitamin C
Apple pomace
New Zealand Mussel extract

Horses: 2 scoops
Pony: 1 scoop

Method of administration: mix with concentrate feed.

Why  Hoof’s Help by Pokusa?
The product has a very high dose of biotin (2,200,000 mcg) enriched with ingredients characterized by high bioavailability from the highest quality premium raw materials, certified: HG (Human Grade).

Biotin in Hoof’s Help:
● thanks to content of sulfur molecules, it protects  hooves, skin and fur
● accelerates regeneration of the reproductive pulp and subcutaneous layer of the hoof
● supports the process of vitamin C absorption
● participates in the synthesis of fatty acids
● is involved in the metabolism of proteins

DL-methionine in Hoof’s Help:
● is a source of biologically available sulfur
● enhances the bioavailability of other ingredients from the ration
● affects the regeneration of hooves, fur, skin, bone and cartilage

Zinc and copper in Hoof’s Help:
For the production of the preparation we used Zinc and Copper in the form of chelate, which is the  best absorbed form by the body! Chelates are also responsible for the rate of absorption of these elements and their transport, which allows quickly make up shortages.They have an influence on:
● maintaining proper hoof hardness
● regeneration of epithelial skin tissue
● improving the quality of the coat

MSM in Hoof’s Help:
● is part of the keratin which is responsible for the health and durability of the hoof
● strengthens and prolongs the activity of many vitamins and other nutrients
● is the main component of collagen
Yeast and Beta-Glukany in Hoof’s Help:
● increase the nutritional value and use of nutrients from the feed
● strengthen the immune system
Rose fruit in Hoof’s Help:
● protects the body against free radicals that lead to cell damage
● participates in collagen and carnitine synthesis
● is an activator of many vitamins and minerals, participates in their synthesis
Extract of New Zealand mussel in Hoof’s Help:
● the silicic acid contained in it is responsible for healthy and strong hooves
● supports the creation of new cartilage and makes it healthy and flexible
● supports the formation of connective tissue fiber networks and ensures healthy structures