Natural supplement for breeding breeding females during lactation.

A nutritional supplement intended for breeding females, which impoves lactation and regeneration of reproductive system during the postpartum and lactation period.  Active substances helps to improve functioning mammary glands, increases amount of milk producing during period od greatest demand. They have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects on reproductive sytem, impoves return uterus to normal state. Product improves condition of skin and coat and strenghten all body condition.
LactoControl is especially recommedned for females which has a small amount of milk. 

Available in weights: 300g, 500g

Composition: Organic chicken eggyolk, Fenegreek seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.),  ceratonia (Ceratonia siliqua L.), wild rose fruit powder (Rosa canina L.), Fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.), Galega ocinalis L.

Analithic ingredients in 100 g product:

427 kcal 26,7g 27,3% 28,7% 3,87% 7%

Dosage /24h:
< 5kg b.w.: 1 g
5-10 kg b.w.: 2 g
10-15kg b.w.: 3 g
15-20kg b.w.: 4 g
20-25kg b.w.: 6 g
25-30kg b.w.: 8g
30kg b.w.<…10g

Method of administration:
1 scoop = 1 gram
Serve mixed with food in the form of powder or suspension (after mixing with a small amount of water).