RawDietLine Kaolin

Detoxifying the body, a natural way to effectively clean the teeth.
Natural white kaolin clay with fine texture extracted from the depths of the earth with suitable sedimentary rocks. It has a cleansing, curative effect, soothing irritation of the intestines and skin.

Used internally Kaolin helps to inhibit diarrhea, soothes intestinal irritation, cleanses the body of toxins, prevents the development of pathogens. Served in a decanted form of drinking supplemented by deficiencies of silicon, magnesium, lithium, sodium and potassium. Used externally in the form of wraps, soothes skin irritations, koi after bites, decontaminates. Perfectly cleans teeth from sludge.

Internally: anti-diarrheal, detoxifying, purifying.
Externally: in the form of toothpaste or patches on irritated skin.

Ingredietns: 100% kaolin (pharmaceutical kaolin)


Body weight: KAOLIN – WATER
< 20 kg b.w.: 4 scoops – 10ml
20 – 40 kg b.w.: 6 scoops – 15ml
40 kg b.w. + 8 scoops – 20ml

Detoxify: attach dosage in cup (250ml) of fresh, cool water, after the product is fired to the bottom, serve in the form of drinking water without sediment.

External use:
Toothpaste – 8 scoops Kaolin + 12 drops of lemon juice + 10 drops of vegetable oil – mix to uniform consistency. Clean your teeth with a swab wrapped around your finger.

Coats: Kaolin mixed with a little cold water to fill the dense mass. We put on irritation for a minimum of 1 hour. The cover should always be damp.

No clay metal tools are required when preparing clay.
Exact dose and magazine on the free choice of veterinarian.

The enclosed scoop contains ca.1g of  product.