About Pokusa

foto w tle1Pokusa is a market leader among producers of natural supplements for pets in Poland. We are making healthy and safe products, alternative to preparations based on “chemical enhancers”. In production we are using ingredients of pharmaceutical and HUMAN GRADE quality.

Our products are:
– 100% organic
– packaged in pure form
– freshly milled previously heat-treated and appropriately selected for optimal preservation of nutrients.

Our offer includes 7 product lines and over 80 products in different weights and variants. They are used by breeders, best sport teams (European Champions in Flyball, Dogfrisbee, Coursing and World Champions in Agility), veterinarians and groomers. Our supplements are available in wholesales, e-shops, zoological shops and veterynary clinics.

We are offering supplements are produced without chemical ingredients as an alternative for people who love their animals like us.

Pokusa for health TEAM


Our products are made from with HUMAN GRADE components, which are healthy, safe and featured best digestion index. Nutrition based on natural, organic and ecological products is better than nutrition based on synthetic products. In our product offer you can find lines:

RAWDIETLINE Line dedicated for supplementation organic and B.A.R.F. diets. It’s also reccomended for dogs and cats on commercial food with special nutrition requirements. Line includes raw, natural, products based on herbs, products of animal or vegetable origin. Available in 2 or 3 weight variants.

CHONDROLINE Line of organic supplements supporting the rehabilitation and regeneration of locomotor system. Products are reccomended for dogs in different types of activity, age and weight. Due to large variety supplement can be perfectly fitted for dog needs.

DIAMONDCOAT Highly effective supplements for dogs, which improves hair and skin condition, stops allergic reactions, help to stop shedding. A unique formula customised to the optimal stimulation of the hair matrix, gives hair shine, softness and vitality. Due to different types of product, it can be perfectly fitted to dog’s needs like coat color or allergies. Available in 3 weight variants.

BREEDINGLINE Organic supplements for breeders. Line dedicated for all breeding process like mating, pregnancy, birth, during and after lactation. Organic ingredients of products helps to improve size of the litters and provides good condition of females. Line includes also product for puppies. Available in 1 or 2 weight variants.

NATURDOG Premium quality and innovative nutritional supplement. The formula rich in vitamins and minerals is derived from 100% natural ingredients like vegetables, fruits and marine algae. Recommended for safe supplementation of nutritional deficiencies, health condition revitalization of the body (postoperative period, antibiotic therapy, sport, pregnancy, lactation). Available in 2 weight variants.

POWERDOG Organic supplements for sport and working dogs. Improves muscle strength, regeneration and endurace. For dogs training canine sports like: agility, dogfrisbee, flyball, coursing, bikejoring, dogtrekking, herding, obedience or strength sports.

REENLINE Natural and effective probiotic for dog and cats.

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