RawDietLine Eggshell

Natural source of calcium, reccomend for BARF.

Chicken eggshell powder is not only the source of well absorbable calcium, but also magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and copper. Calcium is the main building substance of bones, especially important during intense growth of a young organism. The product is recommended as a supplement to the BARF method diet.

Eggshells are a natural source of calcium, which is necessary for correct musculoskeletal system functioning. Chicken eggshell powder is also a building material for bones and teeth. The more calcium embedded in the bone during the growth of a young organism, the more the so-called peak bone mass they reach, which becomes more stable and resistant to injury. Calcium also affects the maintenance of normal processes related to the nerve conduction and volumetric heart beat as well as maintains the strength of skeletal muscle contraction. Chicken eggshell powder is a source of magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and copper.

Entirely produced in Poland under the supervision of the District Veterinary Inspector.


    • Natural source of calcium
    • B.A.R.F. diet
    • Balancing the level of phosphorus present in the meat in case of limited bones consumption

Ingredients: 100% crushed- chicken eggshell.

Crude ash: 94%
Calcium: 38g / 100g

Dogs and cats – depending individually on the level of phosphorus in the diet.
lean meat – 3.5 scoops, fatty meat – 3 scoops, offal – 3.5 scoops, masseter – 1 scoop / 1kg of meat (boneless).

The enclosed scoop contains ca. 2g of product.

Method of administration: serve mixed with food.

The exact dose and duration of use should be determined by a veterinarian.
Microbiological testing: Parameter: Enterobacteriacea <100 cfu / g. Salmonella – absent.