June 2019 – new in!

RawDietLine Brewers Yeasts
Delicious,100% natural, GMO-free food supplement for dogs and cats in the form of pure brewing yeast. Contains an organic complex of vitamin B and improves immunity and hair condition.

RawDietLine Cistus
Natural and free from GMOs and pesticides, this is a herbal dietary supplement for dogs and cats. A carefully selected fine grinding process ensures easy mixing with food, so that it is more willingly consumed by animals. The product increases the natural protective barrier against external parasites such as ticks and fleas.

RawDietLine Hemoglobin
Source of organic, highly absorbable heme iron. Recommended as a dietary supplement for animals fed on the BARF method and in the case of anemia.

RawDietLine MSM & Rose Hip
Highly bioavailable, organic nutritional supplement for dogs and cats, supporting the action and rehabilitation of the locomotor system. The product includes: MSM, a biogenic sulfur compound extracted from pine pulp and an extract from the fruit of a wild rose which is a natural source of vitamin C.

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