Green mine of health – Spirulina

If we can say that nature gives presents – spirulina is definitely one of them! This little cyanosis is known as one of the oldest living forms on the Earth.It was already used by Aztecs, who appreciated wide range of benefits
it gives in every day diet. In composition we can find a lot of vitamins (A,B,C,D,E,K), minerals (magnesium, copper, molybdenum), and – what is most incredible – spirulina is one of the best protein source – it contains over 60%, which is more than we can find for example in often used soya.

Our green hero has also very strong antioxidant properties. Help to restore appropriate body pH safely reducing inflammation states.

Despite little size spirulina contains over ten times more chlorophyll than green vegetables which makes it great ally in detoxification particularly important for pets and their owners living in big high polluted cities or those after clinical treatment. Is helpful for pets suffering from diabetes or allergy and during periods of reduced immunity.

The presence of tyrosine and phenylalanine helps deal with appetite, supports the intestinal function and lower cholesterol level which makes spirulina useful in the fight against overweight.Unusual content and properties made spirulina determined as one of most powerful “super food”.

If you feel convinced to try by your own how many benefits it gives – remember to search for human grade, pure material grown far away from pollution. Nowadays best spirulina, produced without GMO and with maintaining the maximum level of nutrients can be found in the South China Sea region.