MultiVit Dog

Multivitamin & mineral complex for dogs. MultiVit dog is a carefully selected, complete set of vitamins, amino acids and minerals used for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Extremely tasty preparation in the form of tablets, improves the quality of the coat, proper functioning, growth and development of organism. Supplements diet with nutrients neccesary for good health. Made from high quality non-genetically modified raw materials.


  • dogs in all age stages
  • improves skin and coat condition
  • health prophylaxis

Composition: brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), rosehip (Rosa canina L.), ceratonia (Ceratonia siliqua L.), dicalcium phosphate, crystalline microcellulose, calcium carbonate, marine algae (Ascophyllum nodosum), organic mineral, sodium-aluminum mineral),  vitamin supplement.

Additives in 1 kg: Calcium: 72 g, phosphorus: 51g

Vitamins and provitamins:
Vit A 20,000 IU
Vit D3 4,000 IU
Vit B1 2mg
Vit B2 4mg
Vit B6 3mg
Vit C 50mg
Vit K2 3mg,
calcium pantothenate 20mg
acidic acid 1mg
Biotin 30pg
Nicotinamide 40mg

Amino acids and their salts:
DL-methionine 100mg
L-lysine 100mg
L-threonine 36mg
L-tryptophan 14mg
Alanine 25mg
Arginine 30mg
Aspartic Acid 56mg
Cystine 4mg
Glutamic acid 170mg
Glycine 16mg
Histidine 25mg
Isoleucine 47mg
Leucine 70mg
Phenylalanine 40mg
Proline 80mg
Serine 50mg
Valine 55mg

Dosage/24h: 1 tablet for 10 kg b.w. of dog
During convalescence or increased effort: 2 tablets / 10 kg b.w.

Method of administration: Mixed with food or directly to muzzle