NoStress Melissa&Valerian

Organic calming preparation for dogs and cats. 

Calming preparation with a unique composition of valerian, melisa and L-Tryptophan. Exceptionally tasty, recommended in situations causing anxiety dogs & cats. It reduces stress, nervous tension, tones down excessive excitability, supports proper functioning of mental activities.

Advice: preparation of dietary management in pet showing behavioral problems and in stressful situations such as fireworks shows, travel, separation, visit to the veterinarian, new household member.

The preparation can be safely administered for any length of time to dogs & cats over 6 months of age.

Tablet composition: Dl-methionine 500mg, maltodextrin 130mg.
Technological additives: cellulose

Analytical constituents/100g:
Crude protein 40.6 %
Fat content 0.6 %
Fibre 4.8 %
Crude ash 0.3%
Moisture 1.7 %

Cats: 1 tablet
Dogs:1 tablet per 10 kg b.w.
In case of severe stressful situations, you can double the dose. In order to achieve the optimal
effect, it is recommended to administer the preparation 3-4 days before the occurrence of stressful situations and continuation of supplementation, until the disappearance of the stress factor. In case of long-term stress, tablets should be given every 12 hours in a dose of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Method of administration: Mixed with food or directly to muzzle