Premium Plus Natur Dog

Premium quality and innovative nutritional supplement. The formula rich in vitamins and minerals is derived from 100% natural ingredients like vegetables, fruits, marine algae, which are the source of many biologically active substances.

A natural formulation containing the concentration of perfectly digestible nutrients. It replenishes the deficiencies of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It stimulates the appetite, diversify the taste of daily meals. Recipe free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Developed using natural products, which meet the high quality of human food criteria.

Indications: recommended for safe supplementation of nutritional deficiencies, health condition and prevention, while reconvalescence, lack of immunity, situations requiring revitalization of the body (postoperative period, antibiotic therapy, sport, pregnancy, lactation). For older dogs (7+) and those suffering from dental problems (gum disease, periodontal disease).
It can be administered in the form of powder for feed, sauce or revitalizing nutritional beverage.

Ingredients: animal origin protein (reduced lactose content milk powder), BIO egg jolk powder, vegetables (carrots, tomatoes), seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), fruit (apples, blueberries, cranberries), herbs (parsley, cleansing), natural mineral supplements.
Includes: Natural lecitine (790mg/100g), natural antioxidants: vitamin E (1,8mg/100g), vitamin C (1,6mg/100g) and electrolites: magnesium 0,12%/100g, potassium 1,15%/100g, sodium 0,44%/100g.

Analithic ingredients:
Energy: 387 kcal
Protein: 28%
Fats: 19%
Raw fiber: 5%
Raw ash: 14%
Humidity: 6%
Mineral supplement: 3%


BODY WEGIHT  : produkt (g) +WATER (ml)
< 2kg bw.: 2,5g + 10ml
2-5 bw.: 5 g + 20ml
5-10 bw.: 10g + 30ml
10-20 bw.: 15g + 30ml
20-30 bw.: 20g + 40ml
>30kg b.w.: 25g +50ml

The enclosed scoop contains 1g of product.

Method of administration: Serve after mix with food in powder or after mix with fresh, cold water. Solo in the form of a nutritional drink – if necessary increase the water amount at your discretion. The product is also suitable for freezing (ice cream), baking (delicacies). When mixed with water use within 2h. After thawing, do not freeze again.