RawDietLine BIO Alga

Ecological multivitamin, source of iodine, beautiful coat.

Norwegian seaweed powder is  powerfully nourishing. It is the richest source of organic vitamins, minerals and microelements. Norwegian Seaweed has a positive effect on the inhibition of  tartar formation in dogs and  improves the dark pigment of hair and skin.

Thanks to the content of macro and micronutrients, seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) is characterised by high absorption and versatility of use. A high content of unsaturated fatty acids and folic acid, which are rich in iodine, makes the product recommended for the prevention of many diseases, such as cancer. A regular supply of seaweed in the diet inhibits the formation of dental plaque measured by the number of plaque. The product has a beneficial effect on the pigmentation of the nose and hair.

The product does not contain synthetic additives.

Indications: as an everyday, natural component of  a dog and cat diet, a source of iodine, an adjunct in the treatment of allergies, lowered immunity, thyroid problems, the detoxification of the body, maintaining dental hygiene and periodontal supporting improving pigmentation of the skin and hair quality.



All ingredients were added naturally in a pure form , freshly milled, previously pre-heat treated appropriately for an optimal preserve of well-absorbable natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in large quantities. The specialised drying method allows the highest quality of products to be obtained.

Only an adequate, specialised drying method allows products of the highest quality to be obtained. Improper drying parameters (high temperature) causes the degradation of amino acids and vitamins, which reduces its nutritional value. We always treat only fresh components.

Ingredients: 100% Ascophyllum nodosum
Crude ash 16/6%
Crude protein 5.06%
Fat content 2.63%
Iodine 202 mg/kg

Pb: 0,139 mg/kg
Hg: 0,02 mg/kg
Cd: 0,321 mg/kg
F: 5,83 mg/kg

Analytical ingredients may vary between batches, provided on the packaging

Dosage:The dosage regimen is dependent on the iodine content, which levels may vary from batch to batch. Information on the method of administration is provided on the packaging.

One scoop contains ca. 2g of the preparation

Method of administration: serve mixed with food.

In the case of diagnosed thyroid disease, before using algae meal (due to iodine content), you should consult your veterinarian.